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Chemical Seals

chemical seal

Seal Description

Chemical seals are used once media can falsify the pressure size due to high temperature, high viscosity or their propensity to crystallize.
Chemical seals convey the process pressure to the measuring tools, with the diaphragm forming a sealed tight seal between the medium and measuring tools. Hygiene regulations, such as those in the pharmaceuticals or dairy and beverages plants, which require cleaning of measuring point so as to leave no residue and so ensure a sterile process sequence, can be fulfilled by the use of a chemical seal in Quick coupling shape. The shape ensures that the process link can be easily and quickly released and the pressure chamber simply cleaned.
The parts of these chemical seals in contact with media are manufactured in SS as usual. In correlation with a Bourdon tube pressure gauge or a transducer, they are suitable for pressure ranges from 0-0.5 bar up to 0-40 bar.
Medium wetted parts can be manufactured in particular materials for special service environment.

Technical Properties:

Standard Seal Size Temperature limit Pressure limit Shaft Speed
8 mm to 150 mm -4°C to + 240°C Up to 10 Bar 6000 rpm