• Cartridge Seal
  • gasket sheet
  • rubber sheet


Installation Instructions for Pump Packing

First Step:- By using packing hooks remove all the old packing, carefully remove the gland packing not to damage the shaft/sleeve. It means all rings, even the ring below lantern ring and the lantern. After examining shaft/sleeve clean the stuffing box. If scored or deeply grooved, change worn parts.
Second Step:- Note the shaft diameter measurement, stuffing box depth and stuffing box bore. To conclude the accurate packing size, measure the diameter of the shaft and the stuffing box bore. Subtract the shaft diameter from the bore diameter and divide the difference by two. This is the required cross-sectional size.
Third Step:- Always try to cut the packing into individual rings. Furthermore never wind the gland packing into a coil in the stuffing box. Rings should be cut by using butt joint. Cut rings with a mandrel & the same diameter as the shaft in the stuffing box area. If there is no wear, rings can be cut on the shaft outside the stuffing box.

Fourth Step:- Tightly hold the gland packing on the mandrel, remember do not stretch extremely. Cut the ring and insert it into the stuffing box, making certain that it fits the packing space properly. Each additional ring can be cut in the same manner.
Fifth Step:- Install one ring at a time. Make sure it is clean, and take care while handling don’t picked up any dirt . Lubricate the inner dia of each ring lightly. Stare one end & then the other, butted closely. Work around circumference from either or both directions. Joints of successive rings should be staggered and kept at least 90° apart. Each individual ring must be firmly seated with a tamping tool. When mostly rings have been individually seated than that the nose of the gland follower will attain them, individual tamping must be supplemented by the gland.
Six Step:-If a lantern ring is provided, make sure the lantern ring is installed under the pipe tap hole.
Seven Step:- After the last ring is installed, bring the follower down on the packing and finger-tighten the gland nuts. Do not jam the packing by excessive gland loading. Start pump, and tighten the bolts until leakage is decreased to a tolerable minimum. Make sure gland bolts are tightened evenly. Stopping leakage entirely at this point will cause the packing to burn up.
Eight Step:- Allow packing to leak freely upon startup after repack. Gradually reducing leakage during the first hour of operation will result in a better seal over a longer


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