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Rubber Sheets

rubber sheets

Types of Rubber

We deal in different types of Rubber

Neoprene Rubber

Superior weather ability & conflict to abrasion.

Buna-N Rubber

Resists oil and solvents. Not as weather resistant. it’s also called Acrylonitrile, nitrile, and Natural Buna Rubber (NBR).

Silicone Rubber

Superior flexibility & resistance to ozone, sunlight, and oxidation. Excellent electrical insulator. It’s also called polysiloxane.

EPDM Rubber

The EPDM Rubber mostly used in outdoor, it’s excellent for outdoor use.

Natural Gum Rubber

Master resilience, elasticity, tensile strength, & abrasion resistance.

Viton Rubber

Resists corrosive condition, with extraordinary resistance to heat, long lasting, invoiroment, oxygen, ozone, plus fuels, chemicals. and sunlight, solvents, and chemicals. Good flame resistance.

Natural Latex Rubber

The Natural Latex Rubber Ultra elastic has superior power and stretch ability. It’s also has extraordinary tear resistance.

SBR Rubber

SBR Rubber has good abrasion and wears resistance. It’s also called styrene butadiene.

Vinyl Rubber

Vinyl Rubber has good resistance in chemicals, water, and weathering. It’s also called polyvinyl chloride.

Santoprene Rubber

The Santoprene Rubber Combines the specifications of rubber & plastic to produce a material that offers superior weather ability & chemical resistance.