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Viton Rubber Sheet

Viton Rubber Sheets

Viton® fluoroelastomer rubber is well known in industry  for its outstanding resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals, abrasions and cuts. Viton® also offers excellent mechanical properties that can be meet many performance specifications. Particularly valued for its excellent heat constancy and resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals, Viton® is the mainly specific fluoroelastomer for fuel system hoses and seals, shaft seals , O-rings, gaskets and expansion. Viton® rubber is good for a broad spectrum of applications in the automotive, chemical processing and industrial markets, including:
Viton® rubber, a specific fluoroelastomer polymer (FPM), was introduced into the aerospace industry in 1957 to accomplish its needs for a high-performance elastomeric. Excellent resistance to oil, petrol, acids as well as high temperature. Excellent to resistance against brittleness during long term heat exposure..