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Synthetic Yarn Packing

Synthetic Yarn Packing

Synthetic Yarn Gland Packing

The Synthetic Yarn Gland Packing is newely manufactured with synthetic composite yarn & and impregnated with PTFE emulsion, to provide extra chemical resistance. Specially formulated stop up in lubricants,

The tensile strength of typical packing uses over many time continuous can tensile the strength of typical packing fibers. And impregnated with PTFE emulsion, to  provide extra chemical resistance.
Synthetic Yarn Gland Packing is generally used in Application of Alkalis, solvents, mild acids, steam and oils. It is suggested for rotary shafts, reciprocating applications, and valves.

Fibrous covering enables Synthetic Yarn Gland Packing to absorb two times the (PTFE) stopping agents of conformist Gland Packing’s. interbraided production helps to prevent migration of stopping agents so that the synthetic Yarn Gland Packing maintain density to prevent wicking throughout its service life