Cartridge Mounted Mechanical Seal


Stationary seal is “a seal design in which the flexible members (such as springs) do not turn around with the shaft but are mounted in the pump housing or gland.” The springs in the US seal are located in the gland, furthermore are not required to flex to adjust to unbalance, so eliminating wear in minor areas of the seal.


  • Maximum pressure limit: 360 psi
  • Shaft Speeds: 1650 ft-min.
  • Maximum Temperature limit: To 450ºF

Metallurgy Parts:

  • Metallurgy parts: 316 SS
  • Metallurgy springs: Hastelloy C
  • Metallurgy set screws: 316 SS

Secondary Seals

  • O-ring materials: Viton® and EPR.
  • Kalrez® and FEP encapsulated
  • O-rings available.

Face Materials:

  • Stationary face: Carbon / Graphite.
  • Tungsten / Carbide available.

Rotary face / mating ring

  • Usual face: 99.7% alumina oxide.
  • Tungsten / Carbide available.