Stationary Seal


Stationary seal

Ceramic can resist the universal corrosion medium except hydrofluoric acid and dense alkali. But fragility of Alumina is especially high, so it can be broken with great changing temperature.
Sic has the property of outstanding resistant-corrosion, high mechanical force, high thermal conductivity, good self-lubrication & used as seal faces, bearing and tubes in spacecraft, machinery, metallurgy , printing and dyeing , foodstuff ,  pharmaceutical, auto industry and so on. When the sic faces are combine with graphite faces the friction is the minimum and they can be made into mechanical seal which are capable to work in maximum working requirements.
Tungsten carbide is extensively used as seal faces with resistant-wearing, high fractural strength, high thermal conductivity, and small heat expansion co-efficient. It is the greatest material to resist heat and fracture in all solid face materials.
Carbon Graphite has the fine property of good resistant-corrosion, high thermal conductivity and bower friction, good self-lubrication, the lesser expansion. They can be made into the seal faces, bearings and so on. It is ideal to choose it as the frictional mating rings.